Gifted & Talented Program Information

Woden ISD Gifted and Talented Program



Gifted & Talented Program Description:

The Woden Independent School District is dedicated to providing educational opportunities that cultivate and enhance each child's full potential.

The Gifted & Talented Program's foundation is based upon developing the gifted student's potential while ensuring the essential nature of basic skills and a strong knowledge base. The instructional program for gifted students will include opportunities in as many of the following ways as practical:


Accelerated or advanced content

Higher degree of complexity of content beyond presented curriculum

Selection of content according to interest

Adjusting learning schedule (pacing)

Use of outside expert resources (volunteers/mentors)

Development of high-level cognitive and affective processes

Participation in academic contests


Gifted & Talented Students:

Gifted students, by virtue of outstanding intellectual abilities, are capable of high performance and may demonstrate above-average achievement or potential in areas such as general intellectual ability, specific subject matter aptitude, and ability in creative and productive thinking.WISD recognizes that gifted & talented students are found in all grade levels and all races, socio-economic groups, geographic locales, and environments.


Eligibility for participation in Gifted & Talented Program:

Anyone may refer a child for testing by contacting Tracey Meador, School Counselor, at

Placement decisions are made based upon both objective data (aptitude and achievement scores) and subjective data (parent, teacher, and student input). Test scores are not the sole criterion for placement. Selection decisions are made by a District Selection Committee, which consists of three or more trained professional staff members.

There are three steps in the placement process for the G/T Program.


Steps for placement into the Gifted & Talented Program:






A student may be referred by parents, teachers, or the students themselves, as long as the documents allowing WISD to gather data are signed and returned according to published deadlines. Parent and teacher questionnaires are included in the referral documents. Timelines are set by the district each year and publicized to the community through the district website and offices.


Subjective data is gathered from the referral information. Objective aptitude and achievement tests also are completed as part of the assessment phase. All tests are completed on the student's campus during the school day.


All data is gathered in a matrix format so that each student's strengths may surface. The District Selection Committee reviews each individual student's matrix and makes placement recommendations. Parents are notified in writing of the assessment results and the committee's recommendation. If a student qualifies, the placement is not active until parents give written permission for placement to proceed.

Parent Resources: