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Woden ISD Police Department


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The Department

The Woden ISD Police Department is a fully-authorized police agency by the State of Texas and all WISD school district officers are commissioned by the State of Texas. School district police officers are authorized to enforce all laws.

Mission of Department

The mission of the Woden ISD Police Department is to maintain peace and order by providing high quality police service. To achieve these ends, the department is committed to forming practical partnerships with students, teachers, parents and citizenry, which includes enforcing the law, reducing fear and thereby providing a safe and secure environment for learning.

Educational Programs

Law Club:

The Law Club consists of high school students from the 11th and 12th grade. The Law Club students and Chief Stone will be responsible for organizing/coordinating new educational programs for all students, staff, and the community of WISD. Woden ISD police department goals for Law Club students are to teach them leadership and responsibility.

Eagle Eye Watch:

The Eagle Eye Watch involves students, staff, and the community of WISD. This program will educate all on the 3-w‘s. Who to contact, What to do, and When should I intervene? Example: suspicious vehicle or person, theft or burglary in progress, or lost/missing/wondering child. The location could be WISD, your home, neighbor's home or any area of WISD community. The goal of the Eagle Eye Watch is for WISD Police Department, students, staff, and the WISD community to form a partnership to help keep our students and community safe.

Drug Education Awareness (DEA):

Woden ISD Police Department's goal for the DEA program is to educate students on the harmful effects of drug use, selling of drugs, being around drug users, and peer pressure. WISD will have guest speakers and k-9 demonstrations.

Gang Free Zone: